"...Notaire et Conseiller Juridique..."


The notary in Quebec has a threefold mission.

Public Officer

As a public officer, the notary’s mission is to write and receive deeds, such as real estate closings and mortgages. The notary must then act with impartiality in his counselling.

Legal Adviser

Whenever you are called to make decisions that produce legal effects, such as signing a lease, buying a property or even getting married, the notary can help you make good choices. He will propose various solutions that will facilitate your decision-taking.

Auxiliary of Justice

For some years now, the notary may officiate weddings between individuals of same or opposite sex.
The notary can also represent you in the context of non-contentious proceedings, such as requests for opening of protective supervision of a person of full age, tutorship to minors, tutorship council as well as probate of wills (holograph or in the presence of witnesses).